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A women’s wellbeing and empowerment workshop combining guided relaxation, embodied movement, journaling, and group-sharing practices designed to help women connect to their vitality, cultivate gratitude, and celebrate each other. 

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the workshop overview

Vibrancy is the state of being full of energy and life. It’s a state we all want to experience more often but accessing it can feel so difficult when we have so many demands on our time & everything else seems more important.

In this 90-minute workshop, Telisha Webster will take you on an experiential journey to access your inner channel of vitality and wellbeing.

You will learn and experience 3 simple tools to improve your baseline level of aliveness and vitality in just 5 minutes a day.

the format

Length: flexible, from 1.5 – 4 hours.

Delivery Options Include: 

  • an exclusive small-group session, in-person for up to 27 women
  • auditorium style interactive session for a larger audience, in-person for up to 100 women
  • virtual interactive workshop, for up to 100 women

the 3 tools


  • Learn why the mind-body connection and nervous system regulation are key to managing our “stress bucket” and boosting our baseline levels of aliveness & vitality.
  • Experience a session of The Non-Linear Movement Method – a powerful somatic method and embodiment practice, designed to help clear stress, regulate the nervous system, boost creativity, and restore vitality. This is a gentle, body-based mindfulness practice suitable for all fitness or mobility levels.


  • Learn the connection between Gratitude and increased resilience, motivation, physical health, and mental well-being (it’s so much more than a “fluffy feel good” thing!).
  • Experience a guided meditation and journalling process to support you to gently and effectively tap into gratitude.


  • Learn the connection between self-celebration, self-empowerment and broader empowerment for women.
  • Experience a talk process and group sharing practice to support you in celebrating yourself and each other with more ease, safety and fun.

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Telisha Webster

Telisha Webster is a teacher & facilitator of women’s empowerment, embodiment, and wellbeing practices with a successful track record for providing workshop facilitation and expert speaking services to a variety of audiences. Her work blends the principles of positive psychology, somatic science, and spiritual wisdom with a down-to-earth, empathetic approach to help women restore their energy levels, improve confidence & reach new levels of productivity & success.

After working for 15 years in Financial Services and Corporate Technology Consulting, Telisha now leads women’s wellbeing and empowerment workshops, circles and retreats, teaches public and private meditation, somatic movement and embodiment practices; and offers private mentoring both in London and online.

Telisha also holds qualifications in Embodiment, Psychology, Meditation, Colour Therapy, Moonology™, and conscious feminine practices, and is certified to teach Levels 1 and 2 of The Non-Linear Movement Method®. She blends this expertise to create multi-dimensional transformational experiences that are both nourishing and rejuvenating; with a focus on self-care, self-knowledge, self-compassion, and self-empowerment.

Most recently, Telisha’s work was published in the international best-selling book, Lunar Wisdom. She was also honoured to be invited to facilitate a wellbeing workshop as part of Google UK International Women’s Day Celebrations. Originally hailing from Australia, she currently lives in London with her husband and son (and gets to a sunny beach as often as she can!).