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Mindfulness meets Mysticism for Modern Women

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Join me to elevate your energy, mood and confidence through body wisdom and lunar rhythms.

hey beauty

I’m Telisha.

As an Embodiment Teacher and Moonologer, I help women feel better, understand themselves and get more out of life through my unique blend of somatics, science, spirituality, and sisterhood.

And here’s what I want you to know my love…your shifting moods and energy aren’t a flaw, they’re your map to ease, flow and fulfilment (and your body holds the key).

Through my signature EBB + Flow Method, I’ll guide you to unlock the power of your Body, your Brilliance, and your natural Energetic cycles so you can elevate your mood, energy, and confidence.

I offer a simple and sustainable approach for the modern-day woman to rediscover who she really is, embrace a life of less go and more flow, and reclaim her inner VIBRANT WOMAN.

What’s a VIBRANT WOMAN? I’m glad you asked…. a

Vibrant woman is
In tune with her
Body and her brilliance
Relaxed, regulated and
Aligned with all of her
Natural energetic cycles
To unlock ease, flow & fulfilment.

Sound good?! I thought so!

So my love, if you’re seeking a multi-dimensional transformational experience, one that is equal parts grounding and uplifting….one that gently yet powerfully guides you back home to yourself….

…then you’re in the right place.

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private mentorship

For women who want to find their flow using the natural cycles of the Moon and their Body as their blueprint for embodied wellbeing.

Think boosted energy levels, a life realigned for more ease and flow, and a whole new understanding of what you need to actually feel good.

Book a free connection call to ask any questions and get a feel for how I work, or drop me a line here and ask away!

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speaking & collaborations

Not to blow my own horn too much, but I love to talk (just ask my Mum, or my husband!) AND I’m pretty great at it!

With training and experience covering Embodiment, Psychology, Somatics, Trauma, Colour Therapy, Women’s Practices, Meditation, Moonology, and many years of facilitating transformational sessions in my former Corporate Technology Consulting life, I’m skilled at working with audiences from all backgrounds and at all levels (from large corporations like Google through to events like Wilderness Festival).

I also LOVE to be invited as a guest expert on podcasts or to create custom masterclasses, circles, or workshops for your audience.

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Lunar Wisdom

In this international bestseller, 14 inspiring women (including me!) reveal the power of working with the Moon and offer you our ritual templates so that the wisdom of the Moon can change your life too.

My chapter is about harnessing the cycles of the Moon and the female body as a path to self-empowerment and self-acceptance. I share my story of how working with these cycles helped me shift from an overwhelmed new Mum recovering from burnout and hustle culture to living with more ease, embracing less go and more flow, and ultimately coming home to myself. 

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